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2011 Day of the Queen’s Speech: tighten your belts

Less money for research: not the current one billion euros, but a drop to nine hundred million in 2012, and a little more than eight hundred million in 2016. State secretary Zijlstra will even go as far as dividing up seven per cent of the existing budget for tertiary education among universities and schools of higher professional education that fulfil their education objectives, as agreed with the Ministry of Education. So, payment for performance.

The new budget, presented by the Dutch government last Tuesday, on the day of the Queen’s Speech, shows that it is not just universities that will feel the effects of the current crisis in their pockets. Earlier this year, the present cabinet already presented the fine for students who study too long: anyone incurring a delay of more than a year, will have to pay three thousand euros additional lecture fees. Furthermore, from 2012 master’s students will no longer receive a basic grant and the use of the OV-chipkaart will be limited.





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