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5th time slot voluntary, provided that…

It was with whining and gnashing teeth, but then finally there was a compromise between the University Council - or at least a council committee - and the Executive Board on the introduction of regular evening classes at the UM. This so-called fifth time slot will become reality, probably from as early as January onwards, and initially on a voluntary basis.

After at least half a year, its effects will be evaluated. The Executive Board has insisted on the promise that the discussion will then not be started from the beginning again: if it turns out that the results are unsatisfactory - in the sense that there are too few evening classes and hence classrooms are not used more efficiently - the University Council will give the green light to the abolishing of the voluntary character and make the regulation compulsory for both staff and students.

Yesterday’s debate in the University Council committee was the third in a relatively short period. Before the summer, the council committee had agreed with the board’s plan, but the plenary council meeting reversed the decision, to the horror of the Executive Board. After the intervention of Herman Kingma, chairman of the University Council, the Executive Board decided to put the issue on the council agenda again.



Wammes Bos



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