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“I’ve wanted a Mini Cooper since I was six years old"

“I’ve wanted a Mini Cooper since I was six years old"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Eugen Wollfarth (22) was born in Colombia, raised in Chile and attended school in the US and Germany, Berlin. He is a master’s student of International Business.

“I’ve wanted a Mini Cooper since I was six years old. My mother was against it. She once went for a ride in an old, small one and came out scared. Minis were dangerous, she concluded, because you’re seated so low. So when these new models appeared, I grabbed the chance and bought one. They’re not very comfortable because of the stiff springs and they’re not cheap either, but they’re stable in price. What I like about them is this direct feeling of connection to the car and the street. It is parked in Berlin because Maastricht is so car-unfriendly that it’s more of a hassle than blessing to have the car here.”


German language

“It’s not that I really miss someone, but there’s an American teacher who pops up in my mind sometimes. Actually, she motivated me to do my best, but in a negative manner. In high school, fourth grade, she told me to give up German because in her view I’d never master it. I wasn’t very good at writing assignments, I admit, but motivated as I was, I got an A for the exam.”


Maurice Timmermans



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