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"I miss my dog William"

"I miss my dog William"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Taïssia Umenc (19), a third-year International Business student from Paris.


My little prince

“I miss my friend who helped me train my dog. I have a longhaired dachshund named William (or Willy) and I love teaching him tricks. We’d go to the park on Sundays and train him. I didn’t bring him with me to Maastricht. He’s my little prince. I’ve had him since I was thirteen and he was really my dog; I had to promise I’d be the only one to take care of him because my dad was very against having a dog. I used to hurry back from school to take him for a walk. His name is William, because when we picked him up he looked so prince charming, I thought we should name him after a prince.”


Pink camera

“The thing I always take with me is my flashy pink camera. I know that a lot of people carry their cameras around, but I’d die if I didn’t have it on me. I take photos all the time, of every little detail. I reckon I could fill two photo albums a week with them. When I was in Singapore for a week, I took 900 pictures. I like saving memories, not only in my head, but also on my camera. Most of the pictures end up in an album, although I have to do that at home, because the albums were too heavy to bring with me to Maastricht.”   



Cleo Freriks



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