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“When I have graduated, I will go abroad”

“When I have graduated, I will go abroad” “When I have graduated, I will go abroad”

Joep van Agteren (25), a Dutch master’s student of Psychology who has seen 6 per cent of the world

Although Joep van Agteren has been a member of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) for years now, he has no personal experience of being an exchange student. “It's a great pity, but I just didn’t have the time. I went from one board position to the other at ESN and so it never happened. When I have graduated, I will make up for it and go abroad.” That most likely means one of the Scandinavian countries. “I have only ever been to Sweden, but I know a lot of people from that region. They are very easy-going; live and let live. That appeals to me. I think it must be great there.” Maybe he will like it so much that he will spend the rest of his life there. “Who knows, I don’t exactly have to return to The Netherlands.”

Travelling is not something Van Agteren learned while growing up. “Maybe once I went to Zeeland with my parents, but that was it. I went to Sweden for a handball tournament every year, but I began to discover the rest of Europe when I joined ESN.” It was with ESN that he made his most beautiful trip ever: to Morocco. “I organised that trip myself, together with a former exchange student from Marrakech. We went with a group of students from all corners of the world and we saw so much. It was a truly cultural trip; we slept in the desert and rode camels. I found the way people lived there fantastic. An unorganised chaos that is somehow organised, everyone knows what they have to do.”

Van Agteren is a very relaxed travelling companion. “I don’t mind what we do. If people want to laze around on the beach then I will gladly do that and if they want to see lots, then I am up for that too.”



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