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Jupp, the barkeeper of my favourite pub in Düsseldorf

Jupp, the barkeeper of my favourite pub in Düsseldorf

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Lukas Jochum, 24, from Düsseldorf, Germany, master’s student of Globalisation and Development Studies.

Jupp the pub owner

“Someone special I miss from home is Jupp, the barkeeper of my favourite pub in Düsseldorf. Before I moved to Maastricht I’d always start an evening out in his pub. Jupp wasn’t very talkative and the pub wasn’t the greatest, but I quite liked the fact that I only had to walk in and raise my hand to order a beer. By the way, I might have to admit that I miss the ‘Düsseldorfer’ beer even more than I miss Jupp. Please don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind a nice, cool bottle of Grolsch – but I guess I’ll probably always prefer our dark Altbier.”

Pictures from the past
“I brought a couple of pictures with me that my dad took when he was young. The pictures are close-ups showing details of a very old pocket watch that belonged to my mother – I think she’s lost it by now – and parts of my dad’s first camera. Looking at these pictures always reminds me of my family, but I don't necessarily associate them with my hometown, Düsseldorf. Rather, they show objects that are characteristic of my parents: my father is a professional photographer and my mum loves old watches. And, all that aside, they simply look good on my wall.”


Claudia Costa



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