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This café called Borsa

This café called Borsa

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Samar Saad, 24 from Assiut, Egypt, master’s student in Globalisation and Development

The atmosphere of Borsa in Cairo

“In Cairo there’s this café called Borsa, which literally means stock exchange, and it’s the place where all kinds of people meet to drink tea and smoke shishas, but above all to talk about politics. You haven’t been to Egypt if you haven’t been to Borsa. It’s a sort of real-life social network where connections naturally happen. There are no distinctions at Borsa: gender, education or class don’t matter and everyone is welcome as long as they love the country. Now when my friends meet there they call me to share the atmosphere with me, as if I was there with them. This is what I miss the most: a group of good friends who can give me honest advice about my life and don’t look for perfection in me.”

I cannot live without Facebook

“Facebook is the source of information that perfectly fits my lifestyle: even when I was still in Egypt it was the only way to maintain my connection with the world. During the revolution I was working in Cairo and through Facebook I could take information about what was happening there and become the middle man to forward news to the people of my native city. In Europe people completely miss the point of Facebook: they use it only for entertainment or fun and I find it boring. I think, especially in recent years, every one of us has an obligation to share and forward information and this is creating a new kind of knowledge.”



Claudia Costa



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