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Partying for a better environment

Making pubs in Maastricht greener. That is the aim of a new project, called Green Drinking, initiated by Sife, a student organisation that wants to inspire sustainable change by creating economic opportunities. The students will make sure that enough people turn up, the owner of the pub where the party will be held promises to invest part of the takings in measures that will make the pub greener, such as eco-friendly hand dryers in the toilets. “It came from Rotterdam,” says project leader and UM student Nico de Rover. “We first held a carrotmob; we went to a number of pubs and asked what percentage of their takings they would be prepared to invest in sustainable measures. The one to offer the largest percentage was given the party.” That was Café Van Bommel, where the first Green Drink Party took place last Wednesday. “The owner promised to invest 25 per cent of the takings and even went as far as to double the amount.” Sife wants to organise similar parties about four times a year. “Each time we will have a carrotmob beforehand to determine the location.”


Cleo Freriks



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