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The little boy from downstairs

The little boy from downstairs

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

David Darler, 31, from Lincoln, UK, master’s student of Globalisation and Development

Luca, the little boy from downstairs

The place where I lived the longest before coming to Maastricht was Germany, although I come from the UK. In the block of flats where I lived, there was this 3-year-old boy named Luca: it’s like I saw his entire life developing before my eyes as I knew his mother even before he was born. It was funny to see how fast he grew up: maybe I wouldn’t see him for a couple of weeks and then, when I met him again, he would have picked up new words or would be much taller. For sure he spoke better German than I did! It was a nice way to realise the passing of time.

I brought my whole flat with me

I moved to Maastricht at the end of August and I brought all the furniture from my old flat with me. In fact the layout of my new place looks almost identical to the old one. It gives me a feeling of continuity I guess, makes me feel at home. A piece of furniture that I am particularly fond of is my big blue L-shaped sofa: I did my whole BA course on it, I was studying via distance learning you know, and it can accommodate up to 5 guests for the night. I have three siblings, so it is ideal for when my family comes to visit all together. 


Claudia Costa



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