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University College Maastricht undisputed leader in KeuzeGids

According to students and experts, University College Maastricht is the best college in the Netherlands. With a grade of 8.6 (on a 10-point scale), UCM is also the best UM study in the KeuzeGids 2012. European Law School received much less praise, dangling at the bottom of the Maastricht list with 5.0.

The figures come from a prepublication of the KeuzeGids 2012, which will be published next Friday. The Maastricht college is “the favourite”, write the compilers of the guide. Not only do the experts compliment the UCM, students are satisfied on all fronts as well. This goes for the programme, the lecturers, the practical orientation, as well as the information from the study or the facilities. What is more, many students manage to get their diplomas within four years.

Whereas the Maastricht college had to make do with second or third place in the past few years, the 8.6 grade now puts UCM head and shoulders above the competition (in 2010 and 2009, the score was 7.2). Maastricht leaves Middelburg (the number one last year, now second with a grade of 7.8), The Hague and Utrecht (together in a shared third place with a 7.6) well behind. Tilburg came fourth; the Amsterdam College (a collaboration between the VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam) came fifth.

International Business is best-in-class again, like last year. It is doing even better than in 2010: instead of 7.2, it now scores 7.8. “The study in Maastricht is still as good as it was last year,” reports the KeuzeGids 2012. “With its very modern facilities, good digital services and great appreciation for what it does in terms of practical experience and career preparation, students share the exceptionally high opinion of the NVAO panel (the Dutch inspector of studies, ed.).”

Economics scored a second place (grade 7.6). It had to yield only to the very specific study of economics at Wageningen (a combination of economics, policy and natural sciences). Its competitors from Tilburg, Rotterdam and Nijmegen were left way behind.

There was much less praise for the bachelor's programme of European Law School (with 5.0 the lowest grade received for any UM programme). Students complained about the study burden and feel that the supply of information should be improved. European Studies (6.0) is not a top study either, but scores a great deal better compared to last year (5.2) and to its immediate competitor, Amsterdam. This is because the percentage of students who complete their studies within four years is fairly high.

There was also a low grade for Dutch Law (5.4). The percentage of students who successfully complete first year, leaves a lot to be desired and students are not satisfied with the academic education and the supply of information either. This UM programme ends up in sixth place. The KeuzeGids’ conclusion that there are no real top studies among the law programmes, seems scant consolation.



Riki Janssen



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