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"I really miss my former Dormitory Dean"

"I really miss my former Dormitory Dean"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Eui Sup Lee, 19, from Seoul, South Korea, BA student of International Relations at UCM

A personal adviser: my Dormitory Dean

I really miss my former Dormitory Dean. Since I graduated from a Christian boarding school, I spent most of middle and high school in a dormitory away from my parents. I could have been a very rebellious student in my teenage days, but my Dorm Dean always encouraged me to find the right path. After a big quarrel with a close friend I had a very difficult time. The Dean listened to my concerns and gave me the strength to reconcile with my friend. He was my mentor when I was at high school and he still encourages me when I have difficulties with friends or my studies. I’m looking forward to visiting him during my summer vacation.

Table tennis, what a passion!

Table tennis has been my hobby for six years now and my table tennis bat is always with me. I’ll never forget the moment I held a table tennis bat in my hands for the first time. It was awesome! Before becoming involved in this sport I was a very plump boy: I used to play every single day for two years and I lost eight kilos! I feel particularly comfortable when my bat is with me. Of course I brought it to Maastricht, even though I knew that I wouldn’t play that often. I wish UM Sports would start a table tennis class one day.


Claudia Costa



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