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Even studying feels different in Maastricht

Even studying feels different in Maastricht

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Marta Francia, 21, from Rieti, Italy, Erasmus student from Bocconi University in Milan, BA student of International Business

The little things from daily life in Italy

One thing I’ve learnt from traveling is to appreciate the value of the little things that make your daily life special. You don’t even realise how important they are until you’re far from them: I really miss spending the evening with my whole family, just sitting on the sofa and watching television, joking and laughing together. The Italian writer Cesare Pavese once said: “A country means not to be alone, to know that in its people, plants and land there is something that belongs to you, waiting for you even when you are not there.” This sentence made me think of my family and my country, waiting for me even now that I am in Maastricht.

A diary to forget about daily stress

Whenever I go back home there’s always too little time to see everybody and do all the things I couldn’t do while I was away. One of my friends gave me a small diary as a present: it made me laugh when she told me to write down all my meetings, organise my days better and forget about stress. To be honest I’ve been using it much less since I’ve been in Maastricht: here life has a completely different rhythm compared to Italy. Everyone is always rushing and running there while here I have time to walk around and enjoy the city. Even studying feels different now!


Claudia Costa



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