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71 percent of recent FASOS graduates work abroad

UM graduate surveys 2012

MAASTRICHT. On average, 8 percent of Maastricht University alumni who graduated in 2009/10 are unemployed. Topping the list are graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: 24 percent were not in work at the time of the interview (autumn 2011) for the recent Maastricht University graduate surveys.

The Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) analysed 1500 responses from alumni, asking how successful the university had been in preparing them for the labour market. The alumni were divided into three categories: those who graduated in 2009/10, 2005/06 and 2000/01. The Faculty of Humanities and Sciences was excluded from the analysis due to a low response rate.
Two things are clear, says project manager Dr Christoph Meng: “First – and we notice this almost every year – Maastricht University alumni are satisfied with their programmes and think they are well prepared for the labour market. Second: the youngest cohort, those who graduated in 2009/10, have been facing difficulties in finding jobs. You can see very clearly that the economic crisis has had an influence.” This is most evident among graduates of Arts and Social Sciences, almost a quarter of whom remain unemployed. “But I have to point out that we have no comparative data from other Dutch universities. I’m convinced that Arts and Social Sciences alumni all over the country are having troubles, not only those from Maastricht. Besides, you have to take into account the relatively few responses we received from this faculty.” Still, the effects of the economic crisis can also be seen in the unemployment rates of the 2009/10 alumni from the faculties of Law and Psychology & Neuroscience: around 10 percent of these are jobless too. Medical alumni do the best, with a 0 percent unemployment rate.
If money is high on your list, the results are clear: study Business and Economics. In every cohort, these alumni earn the most per month. SBE alumni who graduated twelve years ago take the top position, at 5500 euros. The youngest cohort earns a median gross income of around 2800 euros. In contrast, graduates of Arts and Social Sciences earn only 1800 euros in their starting positions.
When it comes to working abroad, Arts and Social Sciences graduates are leading the way: 71 percent of these 2009/10 alumni are currently working abroad, as are 39 percent of those who graduated four years earlier. This comes as no surprise, however, given that this faculty is home to many international students, and the ROA figures include foreign students who return home after graduation.
At 48 percent, Business and Economics graduates from 2009/10 come in second with respect to working abroad, followed by psychologists and neuroscientists at 31 percent.



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