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"I miss my brother the most"

"I miss my brother the most"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Nathalie Stroobants, 19, from Isla Margarita, Venezuela, first-year student of European Law

Blackmailing the concierge

I miss my brother the most. We are close, despite the big age gap, he’s 14. I miss sailing with him. He’s a good sailor. Normally, I don’t like sailing; you’re trapped on a boat all day, but with him it’s always so nice.

More randomly, I miss the concierge at my old school. I used to hate him; it was his job to make sure we stayed inside the school and I was the kind of girl that always wanted out. I was really mean to him. I blackmailed him, saying I would tell people he was creepy – once I even threatened to run him over with my car. Now I’m older, I understand that he was only doing his job. On my last holiday I went back and we had a good talk. I apologised and asked him to forgive me. He did.   

Patriotic feelings

Since I left Venezuela, my patriotic feelings have grown. So I brought the flag of my country with me. It’s hung on the wall of every room I’ve lived in in Europe.

The other thing is more like an amulet. It’s a picture of the view from my parents’ house on Isla Margarita. I took it the day before I left. When I lived there, I never appreciated it. I come from a small town on a small island; I wanted to get away. Now I see how beautiful it is. I hope the economy and politics in Venezuela get better so I can go back and live there one day.


Cleo Freriks



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