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Revolution is everywhere

Where is the revolution? This is the theme of the UCM Conference to be held on 25 and 26 January. “We want people to think about that, although we already kind of give the answer – namely, everywhere”, says Undine Rubeze, one of the twenty students who are organising the event. The conference looks at revolutions in a very broad perspective, from political revolutions such as the French revolution and now the Arab Spring, to technological and educational revolutions. The students will give workshops themselves, and there will be guest speakers and a panel discussion. “That’s one of the hard things about this; organising while being one of the speakers as well”, says Rubeze. Revolutions that she considers important in our day are the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement. “You see more and more that people are starting to demonstrate against the current regimes.” Her fellow student Alba Boer Cueva adds the developments in the health care sector. Her workshop will have a completely different theme, focusing on a revolution she thinks doesn’t get enough attention nowadays – the sexual revolution. “The question is: is it finished? I look at it from a feminist perspective and I think it still is and needs to be going on.” Rubeze will talk about a revolution in the Catholic Church, which she thinks is needed. “They need to change the way they handle the numerous cases of child abuse.”


Cleo Freriks

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