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"I like to have something personal with me"

"I like to have something personal with me"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Magdalena Cichoń, 21, from Kraków, Poland, third-year student of European Studies

Unorganised headmaster

I miss my old headmaster. I’ve always had good contact with him; we had coffee twice a year and an informal talk. When I was applying for Maastricht University he was one of the people who supported me. I went to a small school and he was really good with the students. He was terrible at organising things though. When there was an event or exams coming up, we knew we had to go to the secretary, not him. We still keep in touch. When I have questions or need advice about my career, I email him. 

The Moomins

I have this small notebook with Moominmamma on it, my favourite cartoon figure. The Moomins is a cartoon series about a family of Smurf-like creatures who have small adventures. It’s a good cartoon, not like Pokemon or something like that. I also brought a few DVDs with me. I like to have something personal, something from my childhood with me. It gives me a sense of security. 

In the notebook I wrote down all kinds of things from my life. My high school schedule for instance, and the phone numbers that I needed when I was applying for Maastricht. When I go through it, these things remind of certain periods in my life.


Cleo Freriks



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