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"I miss being able to moan about traffic wardens"

"I miss being able to moan about traffic wardens"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Colin Behr, 24, born in Devon, United Kingdom, second-year student of European Studies

Open countryside

“I grew up in Devon, in the south west of England. Although Devon may be a dead end when it comes to the job market, it’s home to Dartmoor, a national park with big rolling hills and a distinct lack of people – something unheard of in the Netherlands. Back home I could spend a whole day hiking across Dartmoor without meeting a single person. Being in Maastricht makes me miss the solitude of Devon; I feel it’s not really possible to be alone here.

I also miss being able to moan about traffic wardens. I could of course, but it doesn’t make sense now that I don’t have a car anymore. My local traffic warden was about as nasty as they get: he once managed to give me a parking ticket on my birthday! You know how great it is to complain about something or someone? Well then, who better than a traffic warden?"

English flag

"When I found out where I was going to be living in Maastricht I discovered that my new housemates had adorned the whole living room with flags from their home countries. Of course I couldn't just allow Texas, Latvia and Slovakia to be represented without an England flag, so I promptly hung one up. Unfortunately there was a certain amount of confusion, mainly due to the fact that most of the visitors to our house thought I'd put up the Georgian flag – both have a red cross in the middle. So much for the English flag."





Iris Fraikin



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