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“I just sent her an email about having this interview”

“I just sent her an email about having this interview”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Photo: Joey Roberts

Anastasia Pallo, 22, born in Estonia, first-year student of Arts and Culture

Where is home?

“First of all it’s hard for me to define home. I was born in Estonia and went to school there. That’s a good reason to call it my home country. On the other hand, four years ago my mother moved to Finland. When I go ‘home’, I go to see her. I guess that would also make Finland home for me.

I really miss her, my mother. I know it sounds a little cliché, but to me she is not just a mother. She is my best friend too and has been since I was twelve. We talk about everything and if something happens to me, she is the first one to know. Actually, I just sent her an email about having this interview.

Last year I even changed my surname into Pallo, my mother's name. Well, to be honest, I did that because my original surname is ‘Petrachkava’. I got sick of spelling it out for people all the time.”


Familiar smell

“Both in Finland and Estonia, a lot of things are made of wood from the juniper plant (the same plant that is used to make gin). The wood has a specific smell, kind of like a sauna. I brought a coaster with me made from this wood. When you put a hot cup on it, the smell spreads through the room. That really reminds me of home. Putting a cup of hot chocolate mixed with ‘Mintu’ (strong Finnish peppermint schnapps) on it, makes the experience complete.”


Iris Fraikin



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