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"You need a lot of stamps – as many as you can fit on it"

"You need a lot of stamps – as many as you can fit on it"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Photo: Joey Roberts

Evgen Vorobyov, 25, from Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine), master’s student in European Studies


An awesome travelling buddy

Despite the fact that Evgen Vorobyov moved to Maastricht only six months ago, his Dutch is quite impressive. “I think I can follow most of it, but it’s still hard for me to speak it. But it’s important to learn the language of the country you’re in. I tried to speak a little Turkish within my first few months of being in Istanbul.” He spent some time there, at Bilgi University, before moving to Maastricht. And it is clear that he enjoyed his time there a great deal – you could almost say that it is not his homeland Ukraine that he misses, but Istanbul. “I miss Deniz, the girl who showed me the real urban charm of Istanbul. I also miss my German friend Cosima. I met her while she was travelling through southern Ukraine, and then we travelled around together for a while. She’s an awesome travelling buddy.”


Travel bag and stamps

Vorobyov is not particularly attached to things in general, and cares most of all for his experiences: “I can’t think of anything I brought here on purpose to think of home. But, strangely, I don't remove the airline labels off my travel bag – those remind me of the journeys I've made so far. The tags include the destinations Amsterdam, Porto and Innsbruck.” The bag itself is currently on the road again, because he lent it to a friend. Finally he finds an object that reminds him of home, and which had to travel to reach him – a letter his parents sent him in December. The envelope is covered in stamps. “I like the images on them. If you want your letter to cross the border in Ukraine, you need a lot of stamps – as many as you can fit on it, actually.”


Lisa Dupuy



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