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"We did everything together"

"We did everything together"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Ruoxin Hao, 21, born in Sichuan, China, master’s student of International Business

Super junior

“After finishing high school I went to study economics and finance in Singapore. It’s quite hard to arrive in a new place alone, but fortunately I met Eden there. She soon became my best friend. We did everything together: shopping, studying, cooking, travelling and going to pop concerts. We’re both huge fans of the Korean boy band Super Junior. When we heard they were performing in Malaysia we decided to go there. After we finished our classes on a Friday we took a bus. We arrived there at 4 am smelling and looking like vagabonds. We stood in line until the concert began, which was 14 hours later. Our places were fantastic though, almost in front of the stage.
Eden and I were supposed to come here together, but she didn’t graduate. She’s still trying to apply, so hopefully we can meet up here when she’s finished.”


Spicy food
My favourite dish from back home is ‘hot pot’ (also known as Chinese fondue). A large pot of stock is placed in the centre of the table. Using your chopsticks, you put different kinds of vegetables, fish and meat in there for a few seconds before eating it. To make this stock you need different spices, which I brought from home.
I also brought black peppers and special noodles from my hometown, which is famous for its spicy food. There’s a lovely Asian supermarket in Maastricht, but they don’t sell the spicy stuff. Most people here can’t bear it.”


Iris Fraikin



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