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"Perfect mornings with my sister"

"Perfect mornings with my sister"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Foto: Joey Roberts

Beatrice Ballarin, 22, from Venice, Italy, student of Psychology

Mornings in Venice

“Back in Venice I lived with my sister, her boyfriend and our dog. Even though I love my parents very much, my sister (who’s only four years older than me) gives me more space.

We are both quite lazy, which was perfect for our mornings together. When we got up we used to go outside together with our dog. Every few metres we had to stop to wish one of our neighbours a buon giorno. After picking up a newspaper we’d sit down somewhere, have coffee and discuss politics. I really miss those mornings.

Venice can be packed with tourists, which is sometimes quite annoying. But having lived there for most of my life I know the shortcuts, how to avoid the crowds. At night Venice can actually be really quiet. There are no cars, just the sound of water in the background. Luckily Maastricht has water too. With its little streets it even reminds me of home sometimes.”


Venetian mask

“For the first time this year I stayed in Maastricht for Carnival instead of going back to Venice. Although it’s the same festival the difference is enormous. We usually dress up in traditional clothing before heading off to the Piazza San Marco for a cappuccino. At night we drink wine and dance. Dancing and drinking are an important part of the Maastricht Carnival too, but in my opinion things in Venice are more elegant. It’s as though you’re traveling back in time, partying with Casanova. Our Carnival is magical, just like Venice. That’s why I brought a Venetian mask, to remind me of tradition and magic.”


Iris Fraikin



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