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Foreign students have more stress

Foreign students have more stress


National survey on study pressure

43 per cent of all Maastricht students at times experience so much study stress that their private lives suffer. This figure is slightly above the national average of 40 per cent. It is one of the outcomes of a national survey held by newspapers of schools of higher education and universities, including Observant. A total of 5,497 students completed the questionnaire (2,144 higher education students and 3,353 university students). In Maastricht, 240 students participated.

The foreign students in Maastricht suffer stress more often than Dutch students. This is especially the case among students from outside the European Union: 65 per cent of them is at times stressed, against to 35 per cent of the Dutch and 49 per cent of the students from EU countries. This could be because they find the study programme more difficult. Where 33 per cent of the Dutch regard the study difficult, this was true for 42 of the EU and 71 per cent of the non-EU students. They also pay higher tuition fees. As one of them said: “I study really hard because I have a pressure of a study delay which I would have to pay another €8,500 tuition fee as an international student!”

Broken down by faculty, it appeared that Law students are the least stressed (32 per cent), followed by Economics (36 per cent), the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (40 per cent) and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (43 per cent). The most stressed are the students of UCM, with 57 per cent.

In general, Maastricht students enjoy their studies, with 59 per cent indicating that they did so ‘a lot’ and 20 per cent even ‘very much’. A mere 3 per cent derives very little enjoyment from their studies, while twenty per cent was neutral.

UCM students find their study the most fun, 45 per cent saying that they enjoy themselves a lot and another 45 per cent very much. They are followed by SBE (75 and 8 per cent), Fasos (50 and 32 per cent), FHML (61 and 11 per cent) and Law (44 and 20 per cent). And why did they choose their studies? Mostly because they were interested in the field, for personal development or good job opportunities.


Cleo Freriks

All that stress! It's high time to relax a little. Observant wanted to find out whether yoga was the answer. Read about it here.



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