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FASoS student garden

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will be able to use the area around the common room as a model garden, to grow different types of herbs. This was decided during the latest meeting of the Faculty Council. 

The group of gardeners – students and people from the local community – want “to inspire students and staff in organising their own garden” and “raising awareness of waste sustainability”. They also want to give a workshop how to build and maintain one’s own compost bin.

André Koehorst, director of FASoS, wanted to know what will happen in the summer, when all the students are gone. The student representatives had already thought of that: “There will be people here to deal with the garden.” At the end of the year the project will be evaluated.

Since October 2011 FASoS has had a permanent common room with the Banditos coffee bar and a Silent Room. The Silent Room, also on the agenda of the latest Faculty Council meeting, will continue to exist for at least another year, it was decided. Student representative Ramazan Yildiz emphasised the importance of all these initiatives: “The students of FASoS come to the buildings more often; they now see themselves more as students of FASoS.”


Riki Janssen



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