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Tags around my wrist

Tags around my wrist

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Sebastian Radermacher (19), German-American, from Zurich, Switzerland, first-year student of the Science Programme.

Weisses Kreuz

“I miss those moments in my favourite bar with my favourite people, drinking and philosophising. It’s called Weisses Kreuz in the second centre of Zurich; it’s a bar for locals. We went there for the first time when we were fifteen. We wanted to drink a Stiffel, 400 ml beer in a boot for only €3. The trick is to drink the last part without spilling it. We’re now friends with the waiter, Marcel. We have our own codes – animal noises – to order different drinks. When I say ‘moo’ Marcel knows that I want the usual: a Dunkle Perle, beer as black as Coca Cola.”



“I wear different tags around my wrists. They’re memories of the nights and days I spend within the so-called Goa subculture. Memories of progressive trance parties and electronic music festivals in the Swiss mountains. I miss Goa here in Maastricht. The roots of this subculture lie in India, in the state Goa, where a lot of hippies went in the seventies. Goa is about letting go and living a life full of light and love. It’s a combination of spiritualism, psychedelics and bass. It’s the closest connection to the love movement of the sixties today.”


Riki Janssen



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