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“I might have a slight clothing addiction"

“I might have a slight clothing addiction"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Kirby Lattwein, 26, from South Carolina, exchange student at UCM, soon to start her master’s in Global Health here at the UM

Riding a bike uphill and downhill

“The people are very social and I enjoy my courses at UCM. But there is something I miss a lot: my triathlon bike. Shipping was too expensive, but I wish I had brought it. Maastricht seems to be a city of cyclists.” For Kirby, cycling is a moment of freedom and energy. She is impressed and surprised by the local cycling culture. Not only are there many cycle paths, bikes even have right of way on a roundabout, and it is normal to give a friend a ride on your bike. Kirby feels that she is missing out on a great opportunity – “I catch myself staring with envy at cyclists that pass by”. She has looked at many potential bikes, but so far couldn’t find ‘the one’. “Connecting with a bike is important”. Back home she still has her first bike – “I added and exchanged many parts, but I never got a new one”.


47 kg of luggage

Arriving at the airport in Amsterdam, equipped with a total of 47 kg of luggage,

Kirby was asked whether she brought the bricks to build her house. “I might have a slight clothing addiction,” she admits, “but I also thought it would be colder here in Europe”.


Annika Lübbert



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