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Joints will be hard to get

Joints will be hard to get

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

It is unclear how many students will be affected, but it seems irrefutable that some will be confronted with it: the grass pass.

The Maastricht city council has decided to come down hard on the disturbance caused by drug users, and hopes to achieve its objectives by compelling coffeeshops to only permit entrance to the so-called members. And membership is restricted to inhabitants of the Netherlands. Coffeeshops that do not comply and continue to sell to non-members - i.e. people who live abroad or who are not residents of Maastricht (such as exchange students) - will ultimately be closed down. Local users who refuse to register will also be victims. The new policy took effect on Tuesday 1 May and the fat was in the fire immediately. All coffeeshops closed, except one. The one that was open wants to elicit a trial court case, which demonstrators in front of the city hall on the Markt believed could only end in victory. “Because this is discrimination,” they said.


Wammes Bos



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