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"I definitely couldn't live without football"

"I definitely couldn't live without football"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Jacek Przybylski (25), from Wrocław, Poland, is a bachelor’s student in European Law

Insane student nightlife

''One of the main things that I miss from home is the traditional food and local cuisine served almost everywhere in Poland, like Żurek, a really tasty soup. You can't find many of these dishes in the Netherlands, and even if I had the Polish ingredients I don't think I would know how to cook any of them. So I always make sure I bring them back with me if I go home for a while.
Another thing I miss is Polish culture, along with the insane student nightlife in
Wrocław. It's completely different to the nightlife in Maastricht; here it’s a lot more laid back, but at home everyone is out at the clubs and bars all over the city.''

Football boots

''I didn't bring many things with me, but I’m a huge fan of football. I brought my football boots here as they were the most important thing. I’ve been playing for the Red Socks since I came to Maastricht and I watch the Polish football league all the time. It's also really good being able to watch the other football leagues that are really popular here. I definitely couldn't live without football.''




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