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Touring through the countryside

Touring through the countryside

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Nahush Bhat, 22, from Karnataka, India, master’s student of bioinformatics

Touring through the countryside

“Back home I have a group of friends with whom I’m really close. We particularly like to travel together. One night we were at my place, which is near the train station. We heard a train arriving and decided to get on it. We ended up in a beach resort in Gao, where we stayed for the next three days. Unfortunately we didn’t have any luggage, since we’d just hopped on the train without thinking it through. I miss travelling and hanging out with my friends.

Though India can be very crowded, the countryside is beautiful. Not too far from my hometown, Manipal, you can find forests, hills and waterfalls. Whenever we get the chance, my friends and I take our motorbikes and go touring in that area.

Maybe Limburg could be nice for touring as well. Too bad my driver’s licence isn’t valid here.”


I pray once a day

“I’m a Hindu, as are many Indians. When I’m home I go to the temple twice a week. Maastricht doesn’t have a temple. Amsterdam does. It’s good to know there’s one not too far from here in case I do want to go.

I brought a picture of my God, which is hanging in my room. I usually pray once a day here. I don’t talk to my God, like Christians sometimes do. My prayers consist of mantras, which make the experience more like meditating.”





Iris Fraikin



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