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More student parties running for university council and FHS seats

Not just two - as was the case in 2011 - but five student parties are in the race for university council seats. The number of participating parties at the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences has also grown, from two to four.

During the upcoming university elections (only for the student representatives this year) students will have a greater choice than last year. Only the students of psychology need not make their way to the ballot box. The only list (Dope) contains exactly the same number of candidates as there are seats in the faculty council.

The university elections will be from 21 May until 16:00hrs on 25 May. The larger parties Dope and Novum – good for a total of 28 and 15 seats respectively last year – have submitted a list for almost all faculties as well as for the university council. Novum is only absent at the Faculty of Psychology. Where last year at FHS there was only an internal contest for the six seats available, now they have competition from newcomers such as MSV Incognito (known as the study association of Knowledge Engineering) and UMatter. The nine university council seats will also not go to Dope or Novum automatically this year. In addition to the two larger parties, there are three more lists for the University Council: UMatter again, Rotislav Rusev and Arnoldas Pikzirnis. The results will be published on Thursday, 31 May.

An election debate has been planned for next Monday at 19:00hrs, in the auditorium at the Minderbroedersberg.


Riki Janssen



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