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The warmth of Italy

The warmth of Italy

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Valeria Pintus (23), Sardinia, Italy, graduate of the University College Maastricht and singer in the Maastricht student band The Serious Beans Project


“I miss the warmth of Italy, not only in terms of climate. It’s a special kind of warmth, an informal one. Even when people are fighting you can feel or hear it. It has to do with getting angry openly, being visibly upset, being open without hiding anything. It’s not that I don’t find warmth in Maastricht. I have lots of friends; I’ve found a new family here. But it’s a different kind of warmth. It’s the same colour but in different shapes. To give you an example: At my graduation party my family was going around asking ‘do you want to drink something, would you like something to eat?’ But when my mum was sitting alone on the sofa my Maastricht friends immediately went to her for a chat. They’re equally worthy but different in manifestation.”


Me, myself and I

“I brought clothes, pictures and special earrings from Sardinia. But first of all I brought myself. That’s what you always have with you. The self is a collection of the experiences we’ve had. The people I’ve been with, the people I’ve met, they’re all part of me. The self is always evolving.”



Riki Janssen



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