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The Dutch weather: so cold and grey

The Dutch weather: so cold and grey

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Temko Doris is a first-year UCM student from Nairobi, Kenya

Happy people

''I miss the happy people and the vibrant way of life back home. I like the hectic way of life with everyone rushing round doing things. In Maastricht life can be quite slow and relaxed, sometimes too slow; it makes me forget I’m living in a city. Here the weather is so cold and grey in comparison, it really makes me wish I was in Kenya enjoying the sunshine. I also miss the food from Kenya. I come from a small village, and there's nothing quite like the food at home.''


Kenyan flag

''I brought with me my Kenyan flag which hangs proudly in my room. It's very special to me as it's a lovely reminder of home which will always be a part of me. I also brought some hand-made beaded jewellery that’s very colourful and unique. I wear it all the time because it really makes me feel African even though I'm not living there any more.''




Theresa Bullock



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