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"I miss having to chew my food"

"I miss having to chew my food"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Lisbeth Jessen, exchange student at UCM and student of English and European Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark

Aarhus’s landscape, and food that requires chewing

Originally from Silkeborg, now studying 45km further east on the coast of Denmark, Lisbeth Jessen knows the area around her home university; she regularly goes running and took many trips to the lakes and hills in the surrounding areas. Thinking that Denmark and the Netherlands belong to the same category of country (flat and small), she was surprised to experience such a difference. “I miss Aarhus’s hilly landscape. Getting up above ground level and having a view over the city and its woods.” Apart from the land, it is Danish food she longs for. “When I eat out, I miss having to chew my food – the Dutch seem to love prepared and fried food.”


Handmade rug from India

After high school, Lisbeth travelled through South Africa and India. One thing she brought from her journey – and with her to Maastricht – is a colourful rug made of different parts of Indian celebration outfits. Decorated with small mirrors and fanciful patterns, for her it represents the idea of travelling: to experience, understand and enjoy things that you do not know from home. “I brought it because it reminds me that this is a journey, and that I should make the most of it.”





Annika Lübbert




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