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Novum loses, Dope wins

Novum loses, Dope wins

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

“Whether I’m happy? I’m ecstatic!” Kevin Hol, chairman of Dope, his face red with excitement, is jumping for joy. Outside, Constanze Müller, last on the Novum list for the university council, is looking glum. “I could cry,” she says, to add immediately that this may be a little exaggerated.

But still, it is not funny that Novum has taken such a beating and Dope is walking from the Kruithuis in triumph with extra seats in the pocket. Deafening cheers accompanied the announcement of the results, read out by the presiding officer of the polling station, Philip Vergauwen, last Thursday afternoon. A minor landslide: Novum lost in most of the faculties (except SBE and FHS) as well as in the university council. In the council they lost one of their three seats, the proportion now being 2-7. This means that two people have to do the same as seven Dope delegates, says Müller. What also worries her is the turnout. It may have risen slightly in two faculties, but across the board the turnout percentage has dropped. All in all, about one third of the students has voted, for the university council it was less than 29 per cent. Müller: “They are not really interested, maybe we are doing something wrong, I don’t know.”

That Novum did do something wrong “that’s for sure,” says party leader Rolf Giergens, a new member of the university council. He feels like a “team captain who scored a wonderful goal but lost the match anyway”. The problem started right at the beginning of the campaign: at FHML, his own faculty, “the people from Dope were there with fifteen people and we were there with five trying to win votes.”

A remarkable fact is the non-election of new parties, at least for the university council, because at Fasos Vox landed 2 seats and enters the council. Umatter got 102 votes for the university council; one-man party Arnoldas Pikzirnis 70, and Rotislav Rusev 40. “We didn’t hear from him anymore after he had registered his party for the elections,” says the secretary of the central polling station Niels Harteman, “I believe he is from Bulgaria, maybe he has gone back there”.




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