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The big family lunches

The big family lunches

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Paulo Marangio, 18, from near Padua, Italy, is a first-year Science Programme student


“I spent six years of my life living close to Naples and I moved to the German area close to Maastricht in 2009, but I still miss many things from my country. I miss the amazing Italian delicacies such as sfogliatella (a layered pastry filled with fruit) and pastiera (a cake made with Ricotta cheese). The weather in Italy is much more enjoyable in comparison to the Dutch weather; I used to go for walks along the beach in Naples in the warm sunshine. I really miss the big family lunches with my relatives on Sundays. And not hearing my dearest language being spoken everywhere is very strange sometimes.”


Italian football set

“When I moved to Maastricht, I brought warmer clothes to help me survive in the cold (pretty much every season other than summer). I bought some bracelets while travelling last year to remind me of my trips to Mallorca, Cornwall and Pinkpop. Football means a lot to me. I also brought my favourite football set and shoes so it could look like I was playing for the Italian national team. Above all, I made sure I had lots of motivation and my best attitude in order to face the academic year in the best possible way and live life in Maastricht to the fullest.”




Theresa Bullock



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