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Big change in third year

She is a third-year student of International Business, but her study has been put on the back burner for the moment. From February 2012 to February 2013, Tanja Heijne (21) is a board member of Integrand - the non-profit work placement mediating organisation that links university-trained students to businesses.

She has always wanted to study business administration, in English. “I knew that the books, the literature would be in English anyway. Better do the whole course in English then, I thought. I also think it is a logical choice for someone who is going to do IB. Later, you will find yourself in an international setting anyway.” Her command of the English language is good, she says. “When I was six, I lived in England for a year and a half. I learned to read and write there and laid the basis for my present knowledge of the language. The academic vocabulary I learned here of course.”

“When you speak of an international classroom, you think of many different nationalities. In my third year, there will be more, but during the first two years of my study the percentage of German and Dutch students was great. In one particular second-year tutorial group, I was actually the only Dutch person, the rest were Germans, including the tutor.  You don’t expect that at a Dutch university or from an international study.”

Now, in her third year, the atmosphere in the tutorial groups is “different, more relaxed. We have become more of a group, the difference between the Germans and the Dutch seems to have blurred.” She suspects that the experience gained abroad that everyone has now – she herself studied in Oslo last autumn - has played a role. “I went to Oslo by myself, had to adapt there, and became friends with students from Australia and the United States. It was a wonderful time and a very important experience.” In addition, the numerous exchange students, coming from all corners of the world, make for a better mix. And: “In third year, you do subjects that you really like; that also helps, of course.” 




Riki Janssen



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