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SBE students awarded for local business cases

SBE students awarded for local business cases

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

On Wednesday 27th of June, three teams of SBE-students received a certificate from the alderman Mieke Damsma at the town hall. The students have carried out sustainability projects in Maastricht, about urban farming, windmills, electric transport.

In total 22 SBE teams were involved in business cases (7 weeks) in and around Maastricht, mainly on the basis of interviews and reports. The cases are part of the master course ‘Business Innovation and Sustainable Development’.

In the presence of alderman Damsma, the three winning teams – according to an independent jury – presented their findings. The first presentation was on urban farming. How to grow – let’s say - cauliflower in the vacant Sphinx building? The students talked to politicians, investors, amongst others. And their conclusion is: urban farming is viable in Maastricht. Unemployed people could be used as personnel. Moreover, it could be an effective way to revitalise the Sphinx area.

Another team explored the possibilities of the use of electric buses and taxis in Maastricht, while team number three explored the failure of the implementation of windmills around Malberg this year. The problem, as often: a lack of communication. The residents were involved in the last stage. In a comparable project in Amersfoort, although a concrete result is still lacking, the driving forces were not the politicians but the people together with businesses. That makes all the difference.


Maurice Timmermans



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