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MOOC UM about to start

MOOC UM about to start

Photographer:Fotograaf: Simone Golob

MAASTRICHT. Next Monday will see the start of the Maastricht University’s first MOOC (Massive Online Open Course). A internal pilot project was run in May. This course is unique in its set-up: where MOOCs are normally set up according to a traditional education model, this is the first one to apply problem-based learning – which is also the subject of the course.

A team of employees and students from various faculties and the university library worked on the MOOC for a year and a half. Based on experiences during the pilot, some adaptations were made. “We noticed that participants found it rather difficult to get going online in a study group,” says project leader and educational expert Daniëlle Verstegen. “That is why we have added an extra assignment to week 1. Participants are asked to draw up a team charter, which contains agreements on topics such as who will take the lead, how the assignment will be divided up, what to do if someone quits, etc.” The participants will also get more background information about PBL.

Tuesday, the number of participants was 1,925, Verstegen is hoping to reach 2,000. How many of them will complete the nine-week course remains to be seen. “The drop-out rate of MOOCs is between 85 and 98 per cent. I hope that we stay near the lower limit, which means that 10 to 15 per cent will reach the finish line.”



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