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2,000 euro for UM thesis

Catharina Pijls encouragement award

MAASTRICHT. Ingrid Kremer, a recent graduate from the research master’s of Health Sciences, has won the Catharina Pijls Aanmoedigingsprijs (Catharina Pijls encouragement prize) for her thesis on MS medication. This annual prize, specifically for Maastricht Health Sciences graduates, consists of two thousand euro, to be spent at the winner’s discretion.

Kremer (25) wrote a thesis on the preferences that patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) have for certain medicines, of which there are numerous on the market. For this purpose, she set up focus groups with patients and distributed questionnaires. Of all the characteristics that people find important in MS medication, safety and the effects on the disease and on the quality of life were predominant. More surprisingly, patients considered the impact of the medication on daily life – such as driving a car, eating and drinking, working – a lot less important. These results are relevant in order to improve the process of shared decision-making between neurologists and patients. Kremer hopes to be able to continue her research as a PhD candidate. 

The Catharina Pijls Thesis prize of ten thousand euro went to researcher Richard ten Broek from Nijmegen. He wrote a dissertation on the burden of adhesions in the stomach after ‘repeat surgery’. Unlike the thesis encouragement prize, the PhD thesis prize is a national award. Professors from all Dutch Faculties of Medicine and Social Sciences nominate the winner.



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