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A few pats on the back, but mostly grumbling

UM Services Monitor 2015

MAASTRICHT. UM staff are very positive on a handful of matters – the digital payslip, Studium Generale, and the reception and switchboard services – but the list of things they are unhappy about is many times longer. The university website, the cafeteria and EleUM all came in for criticism once more in the latest UM Services Monitor.

Exactly 1176 employees (27 percent of the total, with slightly more support than academic staff) filled in the UM Services Monitor questionnaire last June. The results, as the report says on the first page, are not comparable with those of previous years due to modification of the survey design. For each component, only the most positive and negative aspects are singled out (at least 80 percent of respondents are (very) satisfied/at least 15 percent are (very) dissatisfied, respectively). The written comments left by staff are included in the appendix – a handy way of shedding more light on the reasons behind their (dis)satisfaction.

The results show that staff are very positive about only a handful of topics: the UM card, the lecture halls, the digital payslip, the work of Studium Generale, and the reception and switchboard services. Many other services are seen as middle of the range. And, strikingly, quite a number are perceived as downright inadequate. There are grumblings over the information provision with respect to education, such as SAP (32 percent; “not flexible), EleUM (24 percent; “a monster”, “not user-friendly”) and the class schedules (10 percent; “late”, “how complicated can you make it?”). The general information provision at the university, too – including the UM website and the telephone directory – comes in for a bashing. Further, a relatively large group see room for improvement when it comes to advising on press relations (19 percent), support for accreditation processes (18 percent) and advising on research projects (16 percent).

A long list of complaints, cited in the report as “points for improvement”, can be found under the heading Human Resources Management. For instance, 31 percent of respondents are (very) dissatisfied with the information on and payment of pensions, 27 percent with career guidance, 20 percent with occupational healthcare and 18 percent with the confidential adviser. The cafes and cafeterias, which have been in the bad books for years, are below par for a third of the respondents: “EXPENSIVE!!!!”, “privatisation not an improvement, hardly go to the cafeteria anymore”, “far too few healthy alternatives”, “coffee machine coffee tastes awful”. Among the criticism, some positive responses can be found: “We have Bandito’s at our faculty which is super and much better than other catering facilities”. But the cleaning and rubbish disposal services are another thorn in the side of one fifth of respondents: “staircase is dirty”, “cleaner doesn’t have enough time to clean the rooms”, “The rubbish bin has been removed from the FS as a ‘pilot’. After two months I still haven’t got used to it.”






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