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Some poems

"All That White Silence"

By Todd Karhu

Lungs of ours, now filled with snow,
Through rifted cloud, we drown below
In alabaster angelglow.
Then poppies let their skirts uncurl,
Their lithe vermilion blossoms swirl,
And in a breeze begin to twirl.
Long ago we saw things melt—
Saw phantoms tighten up their belts—
And wither in the warmth they felt.
But still we linger, frozen here,
Through April hours, November years,
Entombed in winter’s downy sphere.
While lithe vermilion blossoms swirl,
And all our friends kiss pretty girls—
We spin within a putrid pearl,
And though our bones forever touch,
Your brittle cheekbones never blush.


Twenty easy steps to Buy a bike.

By Maarten Peeters

  • Walk to the city center.
  • Look for the little rastafari.
  • He’ll ask, “want to buy a bike?”
  • Say yes and smile at him.
  • He’ll smile and say ten euro please.
  • Ask him whether he gives store credit.
  • He’ll say no, but just press on.
  • He’ll ask whether you still want to buy the bike.
  • Say yes, but explain you don’t have the money.
  • We’ll work something out, he’ll say.
  • Give him a cigarette.
  • Borrow ten euro of a friend.
  • The rasta man will smile.
  • Give him the ten euro.
  • Take the bike.
  • Drive it home.
  • Put it on e-bay for twenty euro.
  • Sell it.
  • Reimburse your friend.
  • Buy another bike. 




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