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Complete Survival Guide

Complete Survival Guide

  • Complete Survival Guide
  • Travel/useful/survival
  • Free
  • Android

Is that bump a harmless mosquito bite or has something sinister sunk its teeth into your leg? What plants are edible? And how can you light a fire without matches? The Complete Survival Guide answers all the questions you might have about surviving in the wild.

The app is divided into 23 chapters, from surviving on the open sea to making your own tools and weapons. There are also attachments with photos of dangerous insects and poisonous plants. The guide is based on the survival handbook of the US army, as the chapter on camouflage, for instance, makes clear.

One tip is not in the app, but may come in handy: take a mobile charger with you when you go camping so you can charge your phone without a power outlet. Accessing all that information, especially the photos, takes a lot of battery. Another idea, of course, is to thoroughly study the app before you set off.



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