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Some time ago I accidentally happened to watch a YouTube video clip titled “this drummer is at the wrong gig”. It was an excerpt from a concert of a semi-professional American band, where the drummer offers a performance beyond any words in terms of talent.

His name is Steve Moore, also known as “the mad drummer”, for a good reason. If you have never seen this video clip, I strongly recommend to do so (if not at least for five minutes of pure enjoyment).

Of course, this made me curious, and I immediately started searching for some more information about the mad drummer. On his website I discovered that he had spent years working very hard and sacrificed a lot to be able to keep playing the drums before finally one day a fan posted the famous video. The video clip quickly became viral and gave Steve his very first real chance of “making it”. I couldn’t resist. I sent him an email that same night, in which I expressed how happy I was that he could realize all of his dreams, and at the same time preserve his identity. I also asked him to just keep doing what he does, for the sake of making this world a better place. He replied the next day, thanking me for such a heartfelt email, and mentioning how he always feels extremely fortunate, and he tries to never take his ability to play drums for granted.

And then I realized (once again), that it’s all and just a question of choices.

It’s a choice to stay determined, pursuing my dreams. Being conscious that it will be hard, maybe even impossible, but knowing that the journey has to be tried. It’s also about luck as well, and not only the luck of an accidental and unexpected event, but more important the luck of being surrounded by good people every day of my life. People who believe in me, which makes it easier for me to believe in myself. And it’s again a choice to decide who I would like to be surrounded with, putting energy into those relationships, and never take them for granted.

And I always keep Steve’s wish in mind: you never know what tomorrow may bring you. Always look for the good in life, and expect good things to happen.


Pietro Bonizzi, Assistant Professor at Knowledge Engineering



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