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Entries for 'website' is live is live

MAASTRICHT. “You will see, we are about to go live and five minutes later the shit storm will break loose.” It won’t be nice, all that criticism, but “they care”. Bernadette Jansma addresses the audience in Brasserie Tapijn on Wednesday morning, 18 May, just before Maastricht University’s new website is launched....

Website delay

MAASTRICHT. The launch of the new Maastricht University website has been delayed. The site will not go live in December, as Manon Gorissen, head of digital communication, reported a month ago in Observant, but after New Year. No new date has been fixed yet.
New UM website online in December

New UM website online in December

MAASTRICHT. It will finally go live in December: Maastricht University’s new website. After a year-and-a-half of discussions, writing, designing, and constructing, the worst irritations have hopefully been dealt with. No more rambling, a search machine that works properly, and a lot of images and videos.