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Rathenau: academia is performing well, but work pressure is high

THE NETHERLANDS. Researchers work a surprising amount of overtime and absenteeism is on the rise. That is a ‘point for consideration,’ says the Rathenau Institute in a report on the state of affairs in academia.

Teaching staff are getting burned out from the crisis

THE NETHERLANDS. Since the coronavirus crisis has hit, the pressure from work has gone up, say three-quarters of the members of the Dutch General Education Association (AOb). “It's even worse than we had thought,” says AOb board member Tamar van Gelder. Teaching staff want to get back to the usual way of teaching on site, and fast. ...

Concerns about work pressure because of mentor programmes

MAASTRICHT. The Faculty of Law is appointing about seventy lecturers next academic year, as mentors to supervise all first-year students (roughly seven hundred). This plan is the result of the quality agreements, the funds that became available after the abolishment of the basic grant and that universities and universities of applied sciences inves...
Up to their eyeballs in teaching duties

Up to their eyeballs in teaching duties

MAASTRICHT. They are exhausted, feel under-valued and miss the support of colleagues. These are some of the complaints by UM lecturers who suffer under their workload. The problem appears to be more multifaceted and complicated than thought, as appears from the report by the Taskforce Educational Workload.
Salaries up, workload down

Salaries up, workload down

THE NETHERLANDS/MAASTRICHT. It was not an easy task, but unions and universities have reached a new collective labour contract. One of the most important agreements is that the workload will be addressed. The UM has already invested millions, but the University Council thinks that this is not enough.

Debate on teaching load dies away in numerical mess

MAASTRICHT. Where is the extra staff meant to relieve the pressure of work but especially ‘teaching load’ for academic staff? Members of the University Council are racking their brains over the continually changing figures and are bickering with the Executive Board about ‘standard hours’ and ‘task loads’. A workg...