Immigration service pays over €1m in refugee compensation claims

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch immigration service has paid refugees more than €1m in compensation over the past year because officials took too long to make decisions, the Volkskrant reported on Tuesday.

More low income families in NL, as refugees risk poverty

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of low income households in the Netherlands has gone up for the first time in four years, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

‘Parking policy’ postponed, further investigation among staff and students required

‘Parking policy’ postponed, further investigation among staff and students required

MAASTRICHT. The introduction of the UM’s new mobility policy, also referred to as ‘parking policy’, has been postponed. The University Council and the local consultative body have advised the Executive Board to first consult a larger group of employees and students. “We want a solid plan that creates more support among those involved,” says vice-president of the Executive Board, Nick Bos. The objective remains to curb the use of cars.

Impossible to walk away without emotion

MAASTRICHT. From 19 October until 11 November, Centre Céramique is hosting the annual World Press Photo exhibition. The competition receives photos from around the world showcasing a variety of news works that emulating depth and creativity, allowing visitors to engage with news events more personally. 

Lawyer for woman acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan flees to NL

THE NETHERLANDS. The lawyer for a Pakistani woman who was acquitted of blasphemy, sparking protests by religions fundamentalists, has fled to the Netherlands.

Big Dutch banks join forces to develop yellow ATM network

THE NETHERLANDS. The three big Dutch banks are introducing a new, uniform ATM system which will replace current ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank cash machines nationwide.

Good, good, and good again

Good, good, and good again

MAASTRICHT. “Do you know what the committee said: ‘If we were eighteen now, we would all want to study at Maastricht University’.” Rector Rianne Letschert repeats with a broad grin the words of the chairman of the NVAO committee that investigated the education, quality agreements and internationalisation at the UM last week. The (preliminary) results can be guessed: good, good, and good.

A six is good enough

A six is good enough

MAASTRICHT. ‘When I do something, I want it to be perfect’. It seems like a good characteristic, but if it is up to Anita Jansen, dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, we need to rid ourselves of this as soon as possible. In extreme cases, perfectionism can lead to death. Within the framework of Well-being Week – an annual event around the theme of physical and mental health, with lectures and training sessions on such things as study techniques, yoga, mindfulness, sports (see photo) and stress – she gave a lecture on stress and perfectionism to an overcrowded Akenzaal on Universiteitssingel 40 last Tuesday.

Launching Women's network

MAASTRICHT. Maastricht University has another network: Female Empowerment, or FEM for short. The starting signal will be given during a launch event in the Jan van Eyck Academie on Tuesday, 13 November.

Electric wagon maker files for bankruptcy in wake of fatal crash

THE NETHERLANDS. The company which makes the electric wagons used by thousands of childcare groups to move children from place to place has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of last month’s fatal crash.

German students are finding their way to UM again

MAASTRICHT. The number of first-years who started a bachelors' or master's in Maastricht after the summer has risen by 3.8 per cent to a total of 7,396. In addition, another 103 pre-master's (bridging programme students) also started their studies, increasing the total number of newcomers by 5.3 per cent. This is the outcome of the ‘provisional 1 October count’ by Maastricht University.