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Parent’s advice: keep the bathroom clean

Parent’s advice: keep the bathroom clean

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Interview with freshmen

Names: Loïc Feis and Alexander Renno

Nationality: Luxembourg

Study: Economics and Business

Time&place: Tuesday 16:00 hrs, Festival at the Griend

When asked if he knows his neighbour already, Alexander Renno laughs and points to Loïc Feis who’s sitting next to him. “We came together from Luxembourg and rent an apartment together in Randwyck.” Feis: “But during the Inkom we’re staying at my brother’s apartment in the city centre. His last advice to me was: Don’t get too drunk and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do – which is basically everything.” Renno: “My parents told me to keep the bathroom clean.” They didn’t bring too much to Maastricht. “Just clothes and electronics”, says Renno. “I figured I would know what I need once I got here. I quite like the idea of a fresh start.”

Their Inkom so far has been “amazing, especially the concert at the Market yesterday”, says Feis. Renno agrees, although he feels the introduction week had a slow start. “The walking through the city in groups felt a bit long. I look forward to the pub crawl tonight and the Cantus on Thursday – that should be really something.”



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