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European universities warn against US entry ban

THE NETHERLANDS. European universities are calling on US president Donald Trump to immediately revoke the entry ban on nationals from seven Muslim countries. His executive order could have far-reaching consequences for the academic world.

The travel restrictions announced by the president on Friday will not only have consequences for individual researchers from the seven Muslim countries, writes the European University Association. All over the world they will impede the free movement of students and researchers involved in international research and cross-border study programmes.

Numerous academics from the seven Muslim countries already work in the US. If they are prevented from re-entering the country they will no longer be able to do attend international conferences, do archival research or conduct fieldwork abroad. This presents problems for the entire academic world.

The EUA is calling on Trump to withdraw the order immediately or to amend it to avoid any threat to the free flow of people and knowledge.

The Netherlands and Germany have asked the US government for clarification. On Saturday the Department of Homeland Security announced that green-card holders from the seven countries will be permitted re-entry to the US.

HOP, Hein Cuppen



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