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Exploitation Kaleido will be in hands of new student association

Exploitation Kaleido will be in hands of new student association

Photographer:Fotograaf: Martijn Weyenberg

MAASTRICHT. It’s finally clear who is going to manage international student club Kaleido. There is going to be a foundation with two fixed employees overseeing an association that is in charge of the day-to-day management. The role of Maastricht University is still unclear.

The idea for Kaleido came from the UM and the city of Maastricht. By making this club available, they want to provide foreign students with an alternative to self-organised, massive and often unsafe house parties. According to the original plan, the International Student Network (ISN) would be the manager of the club, but they pulled out last year. Led by Thomas Schäfer, a project group from the UM temporarily took over to get the club up and running.

It was clear from the beginning that the UM would not become the operator. Until recently it was still unclear exactly who would eventually be responsible for running the club and what the legal structure would be. “That has now been decided”, says Schäfer. “The plan is that a foundation will be formed with two permanent employees for administrative matters such as the building and long-term contracts, such as the one with the brewery.” Whether these are going to be appointed by the UM is still undecided. “A new student association will eventually become the executive management and take on the programming.” The board is already in place; the association just needs to be registered with the chamber of commerce. “We intend to create a model in which all internationally minded students can participate in all activities, but whether this will be on the basis on membership is not yet sure, as this has to do with permits.”

Kaleido was to officially open in September 2019, but this will now probably be at the beginning of 2020. The takeover by the UM project group, a dispute with the municipality about housing in the Muziekgieterij and the late start of the expansion of the Muziekgieterij at the corner of the Boschstraat – which is where Kaleido will be located – caused some delay.

In preparation of the official opening at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020, international student club Kaleido introduces the monthly Kaleido week: events on four consecutive days. “These Kaleido weeks are a trial to see what it takes to run a multiday programme. After the official opening, there will also be several activities every week,” says Neal Cowan, project manager at UM. This new plan puts paid to the old way of programming on one day a week. The first Kaleido week will start next Sunday with a comedy night, a music evening, a disco party and a (card) game evening. “It is our firm intention to keep this up until February, every first week in the month.”



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