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Art gate

After seeing the recently placed new entrance gate at the UB and reading the article in the Observant (nr. 28 pp 4.) student representation party DOPE can only conclude one thing. It's ill-considered. On the front page of the same Observant can be read that due to recent setbacks (crisis) the university is making cutbacks. Why then in these times was decided to go on with such a project, while so many other things are demanding a much greater financial input. Staying close and looking at the UB, many problems arise.

Students for one really don't appreciate an art gate when in the UB the crime rate is running up, the tourniquet's (entrance gates inside the UB) are not operated properly, extra opening hours before exams were not provided and the computer and printing facilities are in great need of maintenance.

More generally a one percent allocation towards art out of the University budget isn't that much, but in times of cutback and slowness on the economic market is it really an idea to spend so much (69,000 Euros ex. installation, with annual (high) maintenance costs) on something that doesn't contribute in any way to getting around in these slow economic times. Also when art is a part of the budget and the university wants students to get involved, why not allocate it to the students from the arts and culture faculty.

All in all our art and education can go together but not in such a non proportional manner as displayed in putting up this gate in these times.


Student Representation Party DOPE



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