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"They always ask me things in their own hairdresser lingo"

"They always ask me things in their own hairdresser lingo"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Tim Beyer (22, Kiel, Germany), third-year bachelor’s student of Knowledge Engineering


Loves: bad jokes and discussions

“You know those situations when you can make a really bad joke? A bad punchline? Well, I love doing that”, says Tim Beyer. “Yes, it’s a kind of sarcastic humour, may indeed be a matter of quick thinking. I make bad jokes when I’m with my friends. A good example? Well, that’s difficult; it’s something I come up with in a specific situation. But to indicate what I mean, here’s an example for a hypothetical situation. A: I talked to some guy today. He was really stupid but thought he was the smartest guy ever. B: Oh, so he was an oxy-moron?” The Knowledge Engineering student also enjoys discussions. “Having a discussion with someone who shares my opinion is boring. Then I might as well talk to myself. I like a fight about politics and personal things. I respect the other’s opinion, but they have to come up with good arguments.” 


Hates: new headphones that break too fast, riding a bike in the winter, hairdresser lingo

“Yesterday my new headphones for the MP3 player broke. And I bought them just two weeks ago. They always break at the same point, where you have to plug them into your player. Why don’t they come up with a better product after all these years of headphone engineering? I think I’ll return them and ask for my money back.”

Another thing that doesn’t rank among his favourites: riding a bike in the winter. “I have this problem of what to wear while cycling. If you wear only a shirt and a jacket, then you’ll freeze to death. If you go for more clothes, you sweat. And because I’m always in a hurry and riding fast, I sweat even more.” Then we come to the hairdresser. “I go twice a year, but when I’m there I never know how to communicate with them. I always get something completely different from what I had in mind. They always ask me things in their own hairdresser lingo, this way, that way. It’s a whole different language I can’t understand. Every time I leave my cut is always hideous.”


Wendy Degens



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